Kiddie Care Early Learning

Kiddie Care Early Learning Center has been caring for and teaching young children since 1990. Through the years, we have learned new things on a daily basis about the growth and development of young minds.

We are constantly learning and finding new ways to help your child develop a positive self-esteem and learn social skills and encouraging each child’s individual attributes through our always-evolving creative teaching methods. We feel one of the most important keys to providing quality care is having a loving, consistent staff. You will see the same faces on a daily, weekly, yearly basis at Kiddie Care. Our staff is what sets us apart from other centers…our family-like atmosphere will put you at ease.

Kiddie Care welcomes children and families of all faiths, creeds, and ethnic origins to our center. It is important for children to have experiences by themselves, with other children and with qualified, loving adults in a safe, positive, accepting atmosphere where they can explore the limits of their environment and their individual abilities.