Curriculum Kiddie Care Early Learning Center

Within each age group we incorporate the following creative curriculum.
Each area is tailored to your child’s individual age group to ensure appropriateness:

Dramatic Play
Children use their imaginations for role-play that is important for social and emotional growth.

Free Play Time
Children socialize and learn valuable life skills in their own, comfortable environment.

Arts and Crafts
Allow the children to express their creativity. Easels used for painting, safety scissors used to develop fine motor skills, using colors, and creating shapes and textures…are just a few examples.

Science and Discovery
Children’s first steps to learn math, sorting, and sequencing. Outdoor walks help children learn all natural wonders of the plants, animals, and other interests.

Blocks and Construction
Children build and construct castles, towns, and cities to learn visual discrimination and gross/fine motor skills…and get excited when they see what they have made!

Table Toys
Help children learn how to work together with their peers, while helping to develop hand-eye coordination.

Computer games and programs are used to introduce and reinforce colors, shapes, letters, and numbers…it’s so much fun, children don’t realize they are learning! (4-5 yrs)

Circle Time
Time for talking about the weather, holidays, show and tell (4- to 5 yrs), singing, dancing, and exercises that enhance speech, listening, and gross motor skills.

Sign Language
Help children learn the importance of communicating, with their hands, instead of their mouth.

Outdoor Playgrounds & Large Indoor Gymnasiums
Three fully enclosed outdoor playgrounds as well as 3 large indoor gyms to use during winter months & when there is inclement weather. We know how important it is for children to move their bodies & be active!